What To/Not To 2/2/16

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This week my recommendation is ‘War and Peace’ – the BBC drama series with Paul Dano and Lily James I am in love with. I love the multiple storylines of love and disaster, the elegant balls and the insight into Russian history. My favourite character would have to be Natasha Rostov, a girl just entering high society, and is looking for marriage but will it be Boris, Andrei or Pierre? In fact, the whole Rostov family complete with the fickle, gambling son, the adopted lovesick Sonya and the caring parents desperately trying to pull themselves out of financial ruin all together make an entertaining group. The show is on Sunday nights at 9pm.

My not-so –recommendation is wasted time. From Netflix addictions to teachers that don’t teach, wasted time is simply the worst. At the end of it all, even though at the time watching that next box set is pretty good, there are always things more productive that you could be doing. Get the job done, (the blog done in my case) or the revision and then the time you have left you can relax after having a very productive couple of hours. I am the Queen of wasting time, I have a total skill for it, but this week I am definitely going to improve on this.
Sorry this was a bit late these last few days have been hectic but hopefully by being more productive and not wasting time I will be more on time next week!

Have a wonderful week,

The Clumsy Wordshaker

Photo courtesy of BBC 'War and Peace' found on liveforfilms.com

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