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Firstly this book is not like any film called Frankenstein and any preconception you may have already. The man who creates the monster is the wealthy self-obsessed Victor Frankenstein who is engaged to his adopted sister and who creates a being so ugly that it is shunned from the world.

Unlike what you might think, the Creature is intrinsically good. It learns to speak and write eloquently and with its superhuman strength it does good deeds for its human neighbours. However one sight of the monster is enough for women to faint and men to arm themselves. No matter how much good the monster does he is treated with disdain.

This leads the Creature to want to destroy the evil that created him - not just kill him, but to ruin his entire life and it is this journey that we read about in this classic book by Mary Shelley. Through various letters, conversations and narrative we learn the real story of Frankenstein's monster.

 I recently saw this book as a play with Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster and Johnny Lee Miller as Victor Frankenstein - I really enjoyed watching it although there are some fairly major differences between the book and the play. Also when looking for pictures of the performance I discovered that in between productions the two lead roles would swap.

If you get the chance and you are in the mood for a classic definitely give this book a try.

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