What To/Not To 15/03/16

By 08:00

This week my recommendation is plum tarts. In the final leg of winter I’m recommending this delicious pudding, particularly scrummy with warm custard. Always a firm favourite I have enjoyed mini tartlets which I have made very easily myself by cutting circles of pastry out and then scoring an inner circle. In that inner circle I smoothed over a small amount of almond paste and on that I  lined up cut plums (works best with plums that have a purple rather than golden middle). Finally I heated up some plum jam and put a thin layer over the plums and a thin layer of egg yolk over the outer circle of pastry before placing it in the oven. (You can see the full recipe here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/plumandalmondtart_86705

This week I am not recommending the song by Carly Rae Jepsen “I really like you”. Annoying and yet somehow incredibly catching, this song epitomises the worst, and possibly the easiest, song to get stuck in your head. Particularly if you are trying to work, or trying to do anything else, I wouldn’t recommend this song. What I did look into before writing this though was if any music helped? Well, according to a variety of research, listening to music before studying helps to focus and to alleviate depression but whilst studying music is not particularly helpful as a proportion of your brain is focusing on that. However the University of Dayton found that students performed better at spatial and linguistic processing if Mozart was playing in the background.

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