If I Stay

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like if someone gave you a choice - a choice to live or to die? What if they told you no matter what your decision, your life wouldn't be the same - would that change your mind? How about if the rest of your family had already passed on, that it would be easier to simply slip away - does that make you change your mind?

I have to say that I did enjoy this book. It was surprisingly happy - and so I read it again in order to write this post. Mia has to make a decision and whilst she is in her comatose state her 'spirit' follows what's going on as people come to visit her. The book has a sequel - 'Where She Went' although I haven't read it but would be interested to hear what others thought of it.

This topic of death, relationships and family has been approached a million times in thousands of languages across the globe. Pretty much every novel has at least one of the three aforementioned elements so why did I choose to write about this one? Well, this book is about making a decision but before Mia makes it she sees the people visiting, the family who have flown in and the friends who anxiously wait. This book is simply an enjoyable book. It is like sitting there with a nice chocolate piece that although there are some very cliché sections - you still know that overall it was worth eating.

Sadly if I go into too much detail I will spoil the story however I will also quickly mention the brilliant use of flashbacks which help bulk up the characters, helps gives them personalities and so you can see exactly why they do the things they do. They are believable characters because of this and that makes the story become more personal.

I hope you enjoy it,

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