BFG: Time to crack open the frobscottle

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I was drawn in by the number of five stars this movie had got, a lot! I went to see this film with my younger sister and it was nice as we were watching to hear all the children giggling away, it even got a round of applause at the end.

For all those parents and siblings who go, I have to say that the animation was superb and what I really liked was the way they had incorporated the actual person into the animation, so when you looked at the BFG you could see a bit of Mark Rylance for example.

The film stayed close to the wonderful book by Roald Dahl which is a modern classic, with humour and whizzpoppers, frobscottle and the repellent snozzcumbers. The film manages to carry across all the magic of the book, we certainly all need a little bit of magic!

I cannot go on any longer without talking about Sophie, she was brilliant as the protagonist: courageous, kind, and open-hearted. I am certain that on the next Roald Dahl day there will be a lot people dressed up as Sophie or the BFG! There were some poignant moments, and some fantastical moments such as the incredible dream catching scene.

This movie is definitely worth a watch, it is magical with a brilliant cast and wonderful animation. Have you been to see it, what did you think? If not and there is anything else you would like to know, write a comment below or tweet me @theclumsyword.

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Director: Steven Spielberg
BFG: Mark Rylance
Sophie: Ruby Barnhill
Queen: Penelope Wilton
Giants: Bloodbottler - Bill Hader (look out for him too in Finding Dory), Adam Godley, Jemaine Clement
Rafe Spall
Rebecca Hall

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