Word of the week 25 08 16

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This week I my word is:


This week was the start of the new season of Great British Bake Off - a definite favourite of mine. I already have my favourites and have guessed (to various family members) who I think will make it to the quarter finals. 

In reality though cake has also been a delicious afternoon treat, from the tea cake that my Grandma made, to the lemon drizzle and chocolate cakes that were purchased from M&S. I have loved eating some cake and doing some reading in preparation for next year. This week I have finished Anna Karenina (loved it) and Jane Eyre (loved it loved it), which add to the list of classics I have read this summer. 

Whilst others have been enjoying cake, I was able to use this time in order to take a look at a variety of second hand bookstores. I have been able to pick up Forster's 'A Room With A View' (I would love to watch the film with Helena Bonham-Carter preferably with cake), and also 'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins). 

Altogether this week has had a surprising amount of cake which I have thoroughly enjoyed! 

Have a wonderful week!

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