The Handmaid's Tale

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This classic piece of Atwood fiction has recently topped the charts again, possibly because it's being serialised for Hulu, and possibly because of Trump (I won't tell you which my money is on).
I have studied this book but I'll take a step back in order to write this review.

The book is funny in a kind of horrifying way, for a modern classic it was very readable and I enjoyed reading and studying it. Margaret Atwood manages to make what is often quite tragic quite entertaining, and even funny at times.

It is a terrifying look into the future if the right-wing ultra religious get into power. The main character, Offred recounts her life in this new world, as well as remembering parts of her previous life. My favourite thing about Offred is that she is not a heroine, she wants to do things but finds herself unable to, wanting to live more than she wants to dissent. I like that about her, it makes her very relatable.

The story I would say is primarily about the relationships between people, people that are lost, forbidden relationships, and even the relationship between the person you were and the person you are now. For Offred the way she remembers the person that she was is by recounting events, and remembering the people that she knew such as Luke, her daughter, and the outrageous Moira.

I really enjoyed this book, it was intriguing, and made me think a lot about the world that I live. It's not OK to be complacent, and if you really believe in something then stand up for it before it is taken away, and it is scary how quickly things can be taken away and justified.  If you've read this already and are looking for another Atwood to read I can highly recommend Hag Seed.

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