Word of the Week 6/5/17

By 17:25

This week my word of the week is:


This week it was a very good friend of mine's birthday, and it was important that I get a really good present, so I spent a long time searching through internet pages (especially Not on the High Street which is a favourite site of mine) looking for something just right. So I got something (and I have to say in the end I think I chose the right thing) and then enjoyed wrapping and confetti, and writing the card (I have to say that I perhaps enjoyed the wrapping more than buying).

I also received a couple of late birthday gifts, which was super nice, I feel like the festivities are continuing and I'm still celebrating. I got some yummy bits of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat which I am looking forward to enjoying with a cup of coffee or tea later on, and also a writing set (which is fab because I think I've written through all the paper and used up all the cards I have in the house).

So, between buying and receiving this week has turned out to be much more present-y than I thought it would be!

Hope you had a wonderful week!

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