Word of the Week 30/07/17

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This week my word is:

Holy Island

I've been up staying with relatives in Newcastle, which is incidentally where I am hoping to study next year! It was like looking at the city with new eyes - very exciting!

Not only did we go into the city (and I checked out the makeup concessions so I can paint away, in a loose sense of that word, my results day stress and look fresh-faced for university), we also went out into Northumberland. So it wasn't quite as hot and sunny as weather we've had down south but we managed to find sun so we felt very lucky! We had some windy picnics on beaches, my particular favourite being on Holy Island. I would definitely recommend taking a visit, it's like stepping back in time and you can clamber down rocks to visit St Cuthbert's Hermitage (the tea, coffee and cakes are also pretty yum)!

We also got our fill of castles! I loved Bamburgh which is one of the locations for the new Transformers movie. If you watch my blog then you'll be sure to see a castle orientated post coming soon. The other castles we saw were pretty ruined but we had lovely walks to them such as to Dunstanburgh.

Northumberland was fab! Windy - yes, rainy - sometimes, but there was so much to do, like art galleries and city shops, and right next door was the beautiful countryside!

Hope you had a wonderful, exciting week!
Bamburgh Castle

The Reading Residence

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  1. Sounds like a lovely week, I do always enjoy visiting castles. Great to be able to see a city through new eyes, too, very exciting! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. It was really lovely and very exciting, we had some great days out in both the city and out and about in the countryside! x

  2. Ooo what a lovely part of the world to explore, can't beat walking round a castle X #wotw

    1. Definitely love a good castle and it is a beautiful part of the world! I'd recommend Northumberland as a holiday destination any time!