Game Night

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Whilst I was still up in Newcastle I went to the cinema with my cousin to see Game Night! 

I love Rachel McAdams (Annie) , Jason Bateman (Max), who are the stars of this black comedy which is directed by John Francis Daley (who you might know from 'Bones') and Jonathan Goldstein. I also love Lamorne Morris who is in New Girl, and in Game Night he plays a husband concerned not only with the kidnapping plot but also with which celebrity his wife slept with before they were together!

The plot follows a game night that goes awry when Brooks (Max's brother) gets kidnapped in the middle of the murder mystery evening he planned, and it is very funny. It took a little while to get going, but when it did it was really hilarious. It is a dark comedy, you cannot get away from that fact, but it was super funny - the image of Rachel McAdams accidentally shooting Bateman, her movie husband, in the arm will forever be in my mind!

As well as the main plot each couple involved in the game night have their own little plot which are basically just ways to get in more jokes - but it works, most of the time. I especially loved Sharon Horgan (Sarah) and Billy Magnussen (Ryan) as a couple - they had some of the best lines (including Ryan's obsession with rich people's fight clubs)! Also, I have to mention Chelsea Peretti (whose Twitter account is worth looking at by the way), she has a small but brilliant part which I can't say too much about without giving anything away!

This film is definitely worth a watch (although if you're a bit squeamish then maybe look away during the bullet removal scene)! It's funny, well-written, and has a brilliant cast! 

Have you seen it, what did you think? 
Have a wonderful week, 


All he wants is to be part of game night...

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