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Recently I wrote a post about the brilliant Michael Schur and I thought that his show Parks and Recreation would be a perfect show for this week's 'Relax With..'!

I have seen this show more times than I would care to admit. It is so comforting to watch, each episode is funny and well-written, and the characters are so individual and brilliant.

I have to start with Amy Poehler! This show was the first time I encountered Poehler and she is brilliant as Leslie Knope - she is passionate and caring and a force to be reckoned with! I love how strong she is as a character - she knows her goals and she will do whatever she can to achieve them. I also admire her gift-giving, one of my goals in life is to give gifts as well as Leslie Knope!

All the best shows have good plots and good character relationships, and this show is a great example of both. Each season has a main story-arc and over the series each character has relationships, career moments and difficulties and their personalties and lives are really explored. My favourite relationships on the show? - well that's a difficult question... (don't read on if you don't want spoilers) it has to be Ben and Leslie, I just love them as a couple. They are both so sweet and nerdy in their own ways! I also love Tom and Donna's friendship - their treat yo self days are amazing!

I also have to mention Aubrey Plaza! Aubrey, as April, is quite possibly the weirdest character on TV but it works really well and I like the character development that April's character undergoes. April marries Chris Pratt's character Andy who was initially supposed to just be a guest star!

This show is also pretty well known for its guest stars including: Michelle Obama, Kathryn Hahn, Bill MurrayMegan MullallyLouis C.K.Paul Ruddand Jon Hamm - so look out for them! 

Anyways,  I could go on all day! I love Parks and Recreation, it's a brilliant mockumentary comedy, I would definitely recommend!

Have a wonderful week,

No. of episodes: 125 (7 Seasons)
My favourite episode: With so many seasons it is too hard to pick just one episode! 
Favourite character: I mean it has to be Leslie doesn't it!! 
Ending: The show has ended ( ended happily 
Available: Amazon Prime

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