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I recently read an article about this show, loosely based on a true story,  that slammed it for using nerd/geek/loser stereotypes. OK, so it may have problems, but here's why I think you should give it a try.

Firstly,  I can't think of one show which has 'nerdy' characters that has not been criticised at some point for making the characters too stereotypical, including The Big Bang Theory, and what a tiny unsuccessful show we know that to be! To be honest I like the characters, overall (although Happy can be at times a bit irritating). Toby has to be my favourite character, he is the genius psychiatrist who 'reads' people - he has some great lines.

Secondly it's an enjoyable watch. It's primarily a drama but it has some brilliant comedy moments. I would liken the programme to a crime show although the problems are varied and unusual and are based all around the world. Each episode revolves around a problem (which usually ends up much bigger than they initially thought), and the genius team have to solve it.

Thirdly - who can beat a bit of romance? I don't want to give away too much, but this show has some very good romantic moments!

I really like this show, there are some very funny moments amidst all the drama and chaos. I'd give it a look! Let me know what you think!

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No. of episodes: 93 (4 seasons as of 16th April 2018)
My favourite episode: Either 'White Out' (S2 E13) or 'It Isn't The Fall That Kills You' (S3 E3)
Favourite character: Toby
Ending: The show is ongoing...
Available: Netflix, but at the time of writing only the first 3 seasons were on there


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