Relax with...The Job Lot

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What with my birthday, coming back to uni, and getting back to work it's been a bit busy and I'm ready for a bit of a relax this evening, so I'm going to sit down and watch The Job Lot on Netflix.

I came across this programme quite by accident on Netflix and decided to watch it as I recognised Sarah Hadland in the photo as Stevie from Miranda. I wasn't expecting much from The Job Lot but I've actually really enjoyed it. It's been the first programme in a long time that has actually made me laugh out loud. 

The Job Lot is set in a job centre in Brownall and revolves around the people who work there such as the very neurotic and funny Trish (Hadland), the slightly crazy cat-loving hater-of-people Angela, the funny Karl, the lovely Natalie and all the other staff and job seekers at Brownall job centre. I would describe the series as a toned down version of The Office.

While some of the episodes have predictable plot lines overall they are very good, the writers are brilliant at playing various characters off each other. One of my favourite moments in the series is in First Impressions (S2 E2) where due to a misunderstanding Angela (who hates everyone, particularly Trish) becomes Trish's PA, hilarity ensues.

Definitely take a look, it's funny, it's sweet and the characters are overall just very nice (some nice romantic moments too)!

Let me know what you think,

No. of episodes: 18 (3 series)
My favourite episode: Workshop (S2 E6)
Favourite character: Trish (you gotta love her)
Ending: The show has ended (sadly)
Available: Netflix 


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