Word of the Week 22 04 18

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This week my word has to be:

It was very hard to pick a word this week, it was my birthday at the beginning of the week so I've had lots of celebrations for that, including going out to see Blockers at the local Cineworld. I've also been lucky enough to get some new shoes (so shoes was a definite possibility for word of the week)!

However, I had to go with summer in the end, because despite the fact that as I write this it is cloudy and raining, overall this week has just been so lovely and summery. I've been able to wear summer dresses, and walk in the sunbeams! With the daffodils still out from Spring everything has been so bright and yellow and warm - I love it, doesn't summer just make everyone feel happier?

Another thing that has been making me feel happy this week is sitting in the sun reading a beautiful book by Lucy Mangan called 'Bookworm' all about all of those books I read as a child - where my love of reading all began!

As it's been sunny this week I have been updating my makeup look - adding a bit more lovely bronzer, shimmery eyeshadow and using a glow stick called 'Beach Babe' (I'm not sure at all what a glow stick is, or what it does, or how to use it, but I'm giving it a go)!

Picture featuring my curtains and wash cloth (just like those instagrammers do it)!

Hope you have all had a lovely summery week,

The Reading Residence

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  1. The weather has been lovely - great for getting out and about. There was a definite summer feeling to the warmth and I do think it was much needed for many of us.

    Bookworm is a book I currently have my eye on, so great to hear you're enjoying it #WotW

  2. It has felt like summer hasn't it...Even today it's cooler and has rained but there is still a feel of summer.

  3. A belated happy birthday to you! And yes, it's felt so lovely and summery, it's been great x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. I am loving the sunnier weather it makes everybody feel so much better x