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Getcha nerd on (which is a statement I already regret writing) and watch The Big Bang Theory which is now all on Netflix (apart from season 11).

I loved this show when it first started...then I kind of fell out of love with it, I think around the end of season 9 to season 10 they lost track a little, but since I've started rewatching it I've been reminded why I loved it in the first place - also I'm such a romantic so watching all the wonderful (and awkward) Sheldon and Amy moments has been lovely!

What I like about it is that at its core it's a show about people who are outsiders (well apart from Penny), and how they interact with the world. They are weird, but I think everyone can recognise a bit of themselves in them (who else has a 'spot' that they will always sit in?)! Oddballs have always been fun characters to have in television sitcoms - characters like Niles Crane (from Frasier) and Manny (Modern Family) and this show really does odd very well. Sheldon, with his myriad of phobias and strong opinions, drives a lot of the storylines (and is at the centre of a lot of jokes.

What else to say? Well, I'm sure most of you have come across The Big Bang Theory before, you may have been at one-time loyal watchers but now left it behind a bit. I get it. The show does start to tail off a bit, the characters develop (a good thing) but they lose some of their quirks (a bad thing) and the episodes get more similar. As I said earlier in the post, this happens around season 9 ish and whilst I have seen episodes in the following seasons, I haven't seen all of them (which rarely happens with me and a television show - I usually stick with it and watch it all, if I like it enough to watch it in the first place).

Overall, I'd definitely recommend watching the first seasons again - it's funny (despite some dumb blonde jokes, well a lot of dumb Penny jokes, which I'm not sure they'd have if the show was written again now) and it's a good sitcom, there's a reason it has eleven seasons!

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No. of episodes: 255 (11 seasons)
My favourite episode: This is a ridiculous question considering there are 11 seasons! 
Favourite character: I mean Sheldon - he has such good lines, so many great jokes and he develops a lot over the series
Ending: The show is ongoing (we're up to season 11)
Available: Netflix 

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